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HolyMountainsReview is of the NewWorship. The world is caught between the biological FAMILY and the cult of THE DAMNED: Those of the FAMILY live by the NewWorship. Those who live by the NewWorship are under comprehensive spiritual protection: They enjoy access to continuous power of control: They are in companionship with the dwellers of Holy Mountains and Heaven. On one hand, the people of the FAMILY enjoy blessings from the bond of love, peace, and protection. The DAMNED from THE CURSE on the other hand, are possessed and experience the attacks from entities, demons, and witchcraft spirits continuously. We achieve Deliverance of those of them who apply. When delivered, they are restored to their original families. Some free people, who subscribe, may or may not be vulnerable. The powers of the Holy Mountains would defend and protect them continuously. I shall reveal to you and them, SECRETS that only the Oboiro reveals: The revelations are not as from others who are not Oboiro. The Holy Mountains are of the living, for those in control, or aspiring to take over control. Join us.