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Toutes les montagnes sacrées ne font qu'un

Que vous passiez par ARUOKUN ou IDAACHA, vous traversez d'autres univers au sein du multi-univers

Original revealed ARUOKUN is ephemeral: it disappears after appearing for us to regard. They revealed a huge spiralling bright beam of light. We reproduce the geometric shape as ARUOKUN HOME VERSION—the image shown here. This has become a MEANS because it is imbued with OKUN as spirit: it is ambulant as reproduced appropriately as link.

ARUOKUN Home Version (AHV) is a miniaturized version that is link anywhere. AHV is a true STATION of OKUN; it establishes a domain or field anywhere it is located, so everyone in range is in link with SOURCE of universe and LIFE. The field elevates human intellect and psychic powers to receive divine revelations of specialized mysteries.

When one visits OKE N ANUBODE in Ughoton, Nigeria, one is at the original ARUOKUN or OKUN-STATION.  


  1. 1. ARUOKUN HOME VERSION (AHV) is the facsimile of a revealed means on the Holy Mountain. It is the station, channel, or threshold to the source of eternal life.
  2. 2. Companions who coordinate events at this end-time revealed it.
  3. 3. THE ESOTERIC meaning of "Aruokun" is that it is LIFE or Provident OKUN: OKUN enveloped planet Earth when OSA arrived. This Provident spirit inhered in the primordial atmosphere of waters.
  4. 4. LIKE AN ANTENNA or satellite dish, AHV being located within a home or sanctuary, sublimates human intellect, spirit, and soul to process divine energy vibrations. AHV is for DIVINATION of the past, the present, and PREDICTION of the future.
  5. 5. AHV can repair corrupted, damaged, or incapacitated ebo (talismans, amulets, mojo, etc.); it helps our spiritual healing and DIVINE-REBIRTH. It would kick-start the process of restoration in your soul and spirit.
  6. 6. IT IS NOT A HUMAN design or fabrication like crosses, pentagrams, six, seven, eight, n-pointed stars. AHV CAME through revelation; hence, it is imbued with the presence of OKUN as life, and corresponding soul in people for revelation. AHV becomes the location within your home or sanctuary where human intellect, spirit, and soul meet.
  7. 7. PUISSANCE or OKUN-POWER and ENERGY behind the means will enable you to have firsthand experiences of the divine. It will start in your life the process of DIVINE-REBIRTH: it would kick-start the process. Alternatively, the firsthand experience of the divine with the PUISSANCE, OKUN-ENERGY, and POWER and might beyond faith, will sustain in your life, the process of DIVINE-REBIRTH.
  8. 8. See more details below.

Either you control your destiny, or some person, thing, demon, devils, etc. control it in your stead.

Tradition was that success of controlling destiny was possible for those who had the knowledge, craft, wisdom, sorcery, or MEANS. To guarantee success, praying must involve deployment of MEANS that we supply, in conjunction with all of the prerequisites: control must be through a combination of all. MEANS must include ARUOKUN that makes transcendent power accessible through OKUN STATION. AHV aides divination of the transcendent and accurate prediction which are the bases of success in control of destiny.

Revealed link is a means, namely, ARUOKUN Home Version. ARUOKUN is a STATION on Oke n ‘Anubode. AHV establishes a field in which everyone in range is in link with SOURCE of universe. The field elevates human intellect and psychic powers to receive special divine revelations.

The field or domain of AHV is fundamentally different from shrines, idols, and spirit mediums that are communicators between idolaters on one hand, and their Gods or juju on the other hand.  AHV is a channel between you and the multi-universe.

OKUN as primordial spirit that moved on water before origin of OSAGBAYE has not gone on holiday. A special relationship exists between it and all the Holy Mountains on Earth: Likewise through the field that AHV emanates, where the STATION is located.

In scanning (or oboiropraying), one focuses on CONTROL. One is exercising will (of consciousness) focused on ARUOKUN. Goal exists in a larger field. Field bears the universal medium. The medium is transcendent. The will when projected, must pass through ARUOKUN, and through the transcendent medium that carries out will. These occur with OKUN present.
When you do the correct thing, you would “dream and see visions”; this would only be a precursor of what is to happen. The distinction or separateness of consciousness ceases and one transits at the decisive moment. 

You would have preliminary firsthand experiences that will indicate to you, the developments associated with your divine-rebirth as is unfolding. Feedback from divine intelligence in your internal sanctuary (IntSanct) keeps you on track.  




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